Investment Property Ownership 101: (Introduction)  Real estate Investing for Real People. This class is for the beginner investor with two areas of interest:

  1. Turning your current residence into an investment home
  2. Upgrading your primary residence, buying a turn-key home for investment, or exploring short-term rentals.

This in person class includes practical exercises that cover CAP rate, ROI, and net ROI.   Instructor: Jay Garvens

Investment Property Ownership 201: (Intermediate) Real Estate Investing for Real People: Following a Road Map.

  1. Understanding investment cycle
  2. Demographics
  3. Market characteristics
  4. The real estate team
  5. How to put a portfolio in place

This in person class includes practical exercises of assembling your team,  and exploring investment property styles that best fit your goals.  Instructor: Jay Garvens

All class times will be 6:30pm-8:30pm on specified date.  Registration for classes will open as soon as dates are set.

Please register on the form to the right or call 719-633-8483.