A very academic radio conversation in today’s world versed in technology and fast paced market places. Digital currency is the topic of conversation and discussion. While the good old investment methods are still prevalent; stocks, bonds, retirement and so on… a very hot commodity that you have likely heard about is digital currency. Bit coin and others are taking the market place by storm. Now this is a simple topic, but very complex: digital currency. Executive orders on crypto currency? This may have been something you missed. Now this is not a  political show, but this may have a direct impact on the fate of this ever changing market. The biggest take away for this show, and most things in life, is balance is the key! We’ve partnered with Dave Ramsey and Churchill Mortgage and now celebrating 30 years of success! You must have a balanced portfolio! Inflation is wildly on the rise and now is a good time to invest in investment properties. If you have interest in these things, contact me at 719.330.1457 and I can steer you in the right direction. I’m doing an introductory class by invitation only so give us a call it is FREE to my listeners so take advantage of this opportunity!

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