For individuals with the money and assets for investing, you may be wondering if timeshares are a viable option for your portfolio. Timeshares are fractional ownership properties that are ideal for vacation homes. If you’re considering investing in a timeshare, I strongly encourage you to do your research beforehand. Only purchase these types of investment with cash– never finance a timeshare.

Understanding the demographics of timeshare owners allows you to better understand the current market. The average timeshare owner is between the age of 52 and 75. With the oldest millennials turning 40 and baby boomers turning 75 in 2021, this significantly impacts the market for the next decade making it an ideal time to buy. There are now many timeshares that are available with only annual fees. While increasing annual fees is one of the major drawbacks of timeshares, this may offer you a great opportunity that avoids additional expense and portfolio loss.

Real estate guru Justin Hermes joins me to discuss the pros and cons of timeshare ownership. Listen to our latest episode to learn more about timeshares and what they can offer you. Call me anytime at (719) 633-8483 for more information or if you’re interested in refinancing!

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