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Let’s Get This Thing Started

If you’ve been following the Jay Garvens Show since the start of the year, then congratulations! ...

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Your Demographics in America

            January was quite the demographics marathon on the Jay Garvens Show, with this week’s...

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Parental Welfare

 Any candid observer of our government’s approach to welfare would conclude that over-generous ha...

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Get in the Mind of a Millionaire

  I don’t know whom to blame more for the poor image millionaires have in this country: Scrooge M...

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About Jay Garvens

Standing at the intersection of our local real estate market and the nationwide financial industry, Jay Garvens gives you the complete picture of every story affecting today's mortgage market! From personal finances to the political decisions moving markets, tune in for a weekend dose of straight talk from Colorado's most candid mortgage industry commentator! Honest, unbiased, and always unpredictable, Jay explores every facet of today's mortgage industry with an approach that's refreshingly blunt and enormously entertaining. And now he's making you part of the story by taking on-air calls from listeners like you!

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